Snyder Trucking Warehouse

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Snyder Trucking Warehouse
Building Type: Possible Home
Location: Marshall City
12 Survivors
50 Building Materials
100 Influence Points
Warehouse Lockers (Bunkhouse)
Warehouse Storage (Food Storage)
Interior Slots: 1
Exterior Slots: 4
Watchtower: Unbuilt
Outposts: 8
Parking Spaces: 4
File:Snyder Trucking Warehouse.jpg
Snyder Trucking Warehouse
Map of the warehouse's location
Snyder Trucking Warehouse is a potential base in State of Decay.

Contains a location for a facility inside of the warehouse itself, and 4 locations plus a watchtower slot outside.

One of the harder bases to move into because of massive zombie spawns near the base, however, a few outposts nearby fixes the problem.