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Inherited From: Natural Athlete

"Just don't ask me to help you move furniture, okay?"

Powerhouse is a skill found in State of Decay. A character with this skill has a higher chance of dealing critical hits in melee combat. It also gives the survivor the ability to carry 10 lbs more than other survivors, as well as stacks of four items, compared to the normal three.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Strong Back - You can carry more weight in your pack before becoming encumbered
  • Pack Mule - You can carry more items per stock
  • Powerhouse - Reduced stamina penalty when using Heavy Weapons, and you can swing them a bit easier
  • Big Guns - Increased mobility and control when using large machine guns.
  • Utility Skill (Can choose one of two) - Unlocked at Level 3
Shove: Slow shove guaranteed to knock enemies down
Power Kick: Powerful kick that knocks back and Staggers the target
  • Defensive Skill (Can choose one of two) - Unlocked at Level 6
Pro Wrestling: Special counter that lets you bodyslam enemies
Double Kill: Special counter that kills two nearby enemies

Characters with this Skill[edit | edit source]

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