Pastor William

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Pastor William
Personality: Unknown
Location: Church of the Ascension
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Starting Firearm: None
Starting Melee: Frying Pan; Candlestick (DLC)
"Heads up the church in Spencer's Mill.Good at building up our spirits. Even in the darkest of times."

Pastor William is a non-playable survivor in State of Decay but an unlockable hero in Breakdown. He is a Pastor at the Church of the Ascension where he "tends to the souls" of the community.


The Pastor is tending to the wounds of Ed Jones when Ed first arrives at the Church. He catches the illness known as "Black Fever" and will die due to it as there is currently no known cure.



State of Decay: Breakdown

He is called "The Believer" and provides the "Words of Inspiration" option on the radio.


  • Pastor Williams is responsible for writing one of the entries in the in-universe survivor journal "Day by Day".
  • Death is part of the main storyline and cannot be changed