Marcus Campbell

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Marcus Campbell
Personality: Born Leader
Location: Mt.Tanner
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Starting Firearm: None; Model 870 T (DLC)
Starting Melee: Wooden Branch; Metal Oar (DLC)
"Just came to Trumbull Valley for a vacation"

Marcus Campbell is the starting playable character in State of Decay and an unlockable hero in the Breakdown DLC. Somebody who looks like Marcus appears severeal times in the State Of Decay 2 gameplay trailer.


He is at Mt.Tanner on an annual fishing trip with his friend Ed Jones when the game begins. The game begins with the pair being attacked by zombies and they decide to head to the Ranger Station to find out what's going on.

Later on, Marcus and Ed help save Maya Torres from a large group of zombies and the three of them escape Mt. Tanner together; heading towards the Church of the Ascension.



State of Decay: Breakdown

“Just came to Trumbull Valley for a fishing trip. An imposing guy who knows how to swing an oar.”

In Breakdown, Marcus is known as "The Hero".


  • Cannot be killed during the campaign until the "Voice on the Radio" mission is complete.
  • Voiced by Drew Hobson