Breakdown Challenges

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Name Description Unlocked Hero Scenario Level
The Believer Earn 500 Fame. Pastor William 1 or Higher
The Bruiser Kill 100 Zombies with Blunt Weapons. Eli Wilkerson 1 or Higher
The Cop Kill 50 Zombies with Pistols. Owen Lykins 1 or Higher
The Dealer Kill 400 Zombies with a Car Door. Raymundo Santos 1 or Higher
The Father Max Out Every Type of Facility. Thomas Ritter 1 or Higher
The Killer Kill a dying Community Member. Alan Gunderson 1 or Higher
The Sacrifice Go Out in a Blaze of Glory. Sergeant Erik Tan 1 or Higher
The Scholar Complete All Research Projects. Charley Marshall 1 or Higher
The Taskmaster Play for 10 Hours Captain Diane Montressor 1 or Higher
The Tragedy Get Torn Apart by Zombies. Jacob Ritter 1 or Higher
The Dead Man Kill 5 Bloaters Andy Pimms 2 or Higher
The Enthusiast Kill 100 Zombies with Blades. Lyanna Carter 2 or Higher
The Friend Reach Breakdown Level 2. Ed Jones 2
The Hunter Kill 50 Zombies with Rifles. Lincoln Voss 2 or Higher
The Mother Cook a Delicious Feast. Heather LaRue 2 or Higher
The Phoenix Kill 100 Zombies with FIRE. Becca Collins 2 or Higher
The Biker Create Weapons in the Workshop 5 Times. Joel Macon 3 or Higher
The Convict Start a Scenario at Breakdown Level 3. Sam Hoffman 3
The Fighter Kill 5 Ferals. Amelia Crassman 3 or Higher
The Gardener Grow 10 Food in the Garden. Calliope Morris 3 or Higher
The Healer Create Medication in the Infirmary 5 Times. Doc Hanson 3 or Higher
The Judge Perform 50 Zombie Executions. Judge Constance Lawton 3 or Higher
The Mentor Kill 50 Zombies with Revolvers. Sheriff Carl Parsons 3 or Higher
The Grenadier Kill 50 Zombies with Explosives. Evan Woodrow 4 or Higher
The Gunner Start a Scenario at Breakdown Level 4. K.C. Winters 4
The Hero Kill 100 Zombies with Heavy Weapons. Marcus Campbell 4 or Higher
The Rebel Kill 50 Zombies with Assault Rifles. Zeika Rivera 4 or Higher
The Sniper Earn 25 Headshot Streaks. Micky Wilkerson 4 or Higher
The Survivor Scavenge 150 Resources. Job Wilkerson 4 or Higher
The Veteran Start a Scenario at Breakdown Level 5 Maya Torres 5
The Mercenary Kill 5 juggernauts. Leon Montague 5 or Higher
The Moustache Kill 50 Zombies with Shotguns. Dan Hovenden 5 or Higher
The Ninja Perform 50 stealth kills. Shark Hoodie Guy 5 or Higher
The Scientist Start a Scenario at Breakdown Level 6. Walter Degrasse 6